Investigating Both in control, and in experimental groups children who identified more incentives moving from right to left, than the incentives moving from left to right were found.

In experimental group of such children it appeared much more, than in control group.

Investigating visual working capacity, in one of versions of the test we did not find significant distinctions on speed, correctness of coding of visual incentives, on stability of visual working capacity.

However comparison of results of coding in the napravl from left to right the first version of the test and from right to left the second version of the test showed scientific research institute that in control group when performing the second version of the test there was an increase in speed of coding and increase of stability of visual working capacity in comparison with the first option.

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Even what

Even what The timid alcoholic is in great need in society, is eager to belong to a certain social group.

I observed remarkable changes which happened to the people suffering from alcoholism.

Even what initially had problems with shyness, could find ways of overcoming without the use of alcohol.

Shyness, lines, you can change, without using alcohol as Other former alcoholic explains: To thicket whom I met in the anonymous center for fight against alcoholism, were pathologically timid.

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In the morning

In the morning Four meals At this age which is usually called yaselny children, as a rule, receive razovoye food.

In the morning fruit or the divorced juice.

But remember that children sometimes chew apples badly.

Therefore it is better to give also apple, and it is a little juice.

In minutes any porridge.

It is desirable more than anything during a breakfast not to give.

If the child likes to eat, during the second breakfast give it tea with a slice of bread of a rough grinding contains vitamin B with jam or jam.

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As it is already

As it is already But for those ten years that I worked in the local newspaper, me asked to address my colleagues more than once, and I by hook or by crook got out that to avoid it.

Every month, when the meeting of department of news is held, I cannot find any peace and I hope that I should not comment before all on this or that event.

As it is already more or less clear to us that represents shyness, our recommendations about its overcoming can have already more subject character.

They can be tied with bigger confidence to this or that case and to check their effectiveness.

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And whether

And whethersafeshopper.



And whether it is possible to speak about the remote results of system of doctor Shichida?

We did not see the processed results and it is necessary to wait for them years through twenty when our greatgrandsons already go to the third class!

But Japanese parents whom it was succeeded to contact, write that results generally good.

Carry the following to weaknesses of system: the insufficient attention is paid to physical development, and children after all are focused on that to perceive knowledge passively.

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Already from

Already from All of you know how often at children various chronic diseases now meet.

Already from early age such chronic damages of a digestive tract, as, for example, chronic gastritis, chronic cholecystitis, dyskinesia of bilious ways and others are formed.

In formation of these chronic defeats of digestive organs, and also other diseases allergic defeats of respiratory system, skin considerable value has irrational food.

Sausages and sausages are hazardous to health!

It is necessary to construct so food that the used products did not promote developing of diseases.

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Karina Karina

Karina Karina Isidora Isadora Ancient Greek: Izidas gift.

Spark Russian or Bulgarian: fire, flash.

Iya Greek: violet.

Kaleriya Latin: hot, ardent.

Kalis Ancient Greek: fine.

Camilla an Ancient Greek name for the girl from a notable family.

Kapitolina Latin, came from the name of one of seven hills in Rome.

Karim Arab: the generous woman.

Karina Karina Latin: looks forward.

Carolina German: queen, royal blood.

Kasiniya a Latin name of servants.

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  • Turn on the quiet music.The senior children can allow to put on stereoearphones, be only convinced that wires at them over the head, but not round a neck.Morning exercises without problems Your children will like to do morning exercises if you bring in it a game element.And it is unconditional, will give huge pleasure to them if you do all exercises together with them.It will take from you not much time, and a cheerfulness charge you receive for the whole day.
  • By drawing up exercises with mathematical material and in the subsequent work with children we conformed to several basic rules: to provide to children mathematics not as a ready subject, but as independent activity of the person; not to transfer idea, and repeatedly to open them with the child; the way to knowledge lies through communications, but not through the separate phenomena; understanding, but not skills.In each exercise all these rules become their internal semantic accents, and, watching work of children, it is possible to see really their embodiment in childrens consciousness.
  • For the child exercise gives one more chance for selfdevelopment.Where exercise In childrens groups of the House of Maria Montessori in Russia was applied.Passes an approbation stage.Date SELECTION OF FIGURES Age years The exercise purpose Exercises in distinction of figures.Sorting.Material Two oblong cards on which long pockets, on everyone on five are pasted.A set of figures from to from a cardboard or plastic.Each figure on pieces.
  • If at least one card takes away not an ace, a pack the one who put them.Game consists that the player who does not have aces, I will give or any other declared card, has to pretend that he has it, and to put kakuyunibud the card in hope that to him will believe.Wins the most cunning the one who to the first managed to get rid of all the cards.From the author The organization of effective correctional training is impossible without carrying out careful comprehensive diagnostics, which task to reveal character of pathology, its structure, specific features of manifestation.
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