Ask to join

Ask to join Invite kogonibud to walk.

Ask to join the next game or a party.

If you at work, join the talking group behind a cup of coffee.

Write down foreign points of view.

Ask ten people that they think on the same question.

Ask the unknown the person to borrow you to you ten cents to call by phone.

Agree about a meeting with it to repay a debt.

Learn a name unfamiliar to you personally the person better than an opposite sex at work, in college or in public club.

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February Names are suitable for them all.

However taking into account that January winter month, give preference to softer, but the sounding, regal names.

February Here you will notice at once a character antagonism.

In the very first days of life children of February show a nature duality.

Their character opposition of winter and spring.

Violence of feelings and cold restraint, whims and patient expectation of the desirable.

Try to pick up soft and melodious names for February kids is in some measure will smooth discrepancy and unpredictability of their character.

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The offered

The offered After trainings and positive results you will be capable to adapt these receptions for own style.

The offered skills are not the longterm, imposed to you selfimprovement strategy, but it is better to turn them into the spontaneous habits giving you progress and satisfaction from life among people after all.

I hope, your own I and skills of social communication successfully develop.

In the future you will be able to begin change of the consciousness, turning it from own I to other people.

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Morals: sometimes

Morals: sometimes I am sure that all of them are great experts with a set of skills.

But I am the simple and uneducated person, and I cannot help you to solve, what medicine and whose doctor is better.

But I can offer pair of boots to you, Mr.

Ninni, my mittens to you, suffering from callosities, and to my hungry young friend a soup bowl now and work of my assistant tomorrow.

Morals: sometimes simple prevention is better, than a huge set of drugs.

Thus, in the second part we concentrated that volume how to make ourselves and others less timid.

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Words are illustrated

Words are illustrated Do not forget that we in the center of the East!

English words English words first image, then word, then the same image again.

Words are illustrated images words like switch, change, give, open, bloom, wake, shut, talk.

Dot cards to cards with domanovsky red points.

Memory training cards from to we train memory each figure to hundred we know by sight!

The cards divided into parts by the vertical line where on the one hand the figure, for example, is written, and with another the bear is drawn.

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At the initial

At the initial On each of these stages the role of the teacher changes.

At the initial stage when at children purposeful actions are formed, the teacher widely uses joint actions with the child, ability to imitate.

Thus the adult generalizes all actions in the speech statements.

Then independent search ways of orientation and practical actions of the child in a problemnopraktichesky situation which the child fixes in the active speech become more active.

Further it forms ability to plan the practical actions at the solution of problemnopraktichesky tasks.

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To draw correctly, it is necessary

To draw correctly, it is necessary To draw correctly, it is necessary to listen attentively to a riddle, and then to draw this subject an answer.

The teacher approaches each child, puts a sack with a subject and silently tells it a riddle: Round, ripe, yellow, juicy, sweet, it is possible to eat; Round, slides, jumps, it is possible to throw and catch; Green, long, grows on a bed, it is possible to eat; Green, prickly, grows in the wood, comes to us for New year; Long, orange, sweet, grows on a bed; A toy which a round head, a round big trunk, sideways two round handles, has eyes, a nose and a mouth; The ram creeps, needles it is lucky, lives in the wood.

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  • Turn on the quiet music.The senior children can allow to put on stereoearphones, be only convinced that wires at them over the head, but not round a neck.Morning exercises without problems Your children will like to do morning exercises if you bring in it a game element.And it is unconditional, will give huge pleasure to them if you do all exercises together with them.It will take from you not much time, and a cheerfulness charge you receive for the whole day.
  • By drawing up exercises with mathematical material and in the subsequent work with children we conformed to several basic rules: to provide to children mathematics not as a ready subject, but as independent activity of the person; not to transfer idea, and repeatedly to open them with the child; the way to knowledge lies through communications, but not through the separate phenomena; understanding, but not skills.In each exercise all these rules become their internal semantic accents, and, watching work of children, it is possible to see really their embodiment in childrens consciousness.
  • For the child exercise gives one more chance for selfdevelopment.Where exercise In childrens groups of the House of Maria Montessori in Russia was applied.Passes an approbation stage.Date SELECTION OF FIGURES Age years The exercise purpose Exercises in distinction of figures.Sorting.Material Two oblong cards on which long pockets, on everyone on five are pasted.A set of figures from to from a cardboard or plastic.Each figure on pieces.
  • If at least one card takes away not an ace, a pack the one who put them.Game consists that the player who does not have aces, I will give or any other declared card, has to pretend that he has it, and to put kakuyunibud the card in hope that to him will believe.Wins the most cunning the one who to the first managed to get rid of all the cards.From the author The organization of effective correctional training is impossible without carrying out careful comprehensive diagnostics, which task to reveal character of pathology, its structure, specific features of manifestation.
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