It gives

It gives It gives opportunity to each child to consider the first picture and asks questions: Who plays in the yard?

What does Vova do?

In what it is dressed?

What does Kolya do?

In what it is dressed?

What does Dima do?

And in what it is dressed?

Then allows the child to consider the second picture and asks to show where here Kolya, and after asks: Tell how you recognized Kolya.

The task is performed by direct correlation of the word and a vision.

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One consider

One consider However the mechanism of emergence of such mistakes is understood by them porazny.

One consider that these mistakes are a consequence of difficulties of switching and distribution of any attention at the initial stages of mastering reading when phonemic operations demand from the child of the maximum concentration.

Others believe that violations of visual functions are peculiar generally to mentally retarded children and together with a dyslexia are a part of uniform psychological violations.

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Alcoholism The report on the Congress in distinctly showed that there is no the only reason leading to alcoholism.

Alcoholism arises as the answer to a combination of the physiological and social factors determined by both an individual, and environment.

It is impossible to define when excessive alcohol intake is the reason and when a consequence, researchers note, but it is obvious that alcoholism and other misfortunes go hand in hand.

The author the journalist Jimmy Breslin claims that alcohol promotes release of our emotions: The reason of alcoholism is easily explainable.

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Call tenderly

Call tenderly Look after the person tak:.

Exercise One is a lot of: Be at loss for words on a sample.

An eye eyes, an ear ears and etc.

Nose A hand A foot Finger A mouth A forehead Call exercise tenderly: Mother taught little Tanya to call words tenderly.

Help Tana.

Call tenderly parts of a body of a doll on page A nose a nose.


Exercise That for what?

: Answer questions: Than we see?

Than we listen?

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If there

If there The key to success lies in that being able to use the right hemisphere consciously, till this day it at the majority functioned in an unconscious form.

If there is an interference from the left hemisphere, right ceases to work well.

I got an education of the left brain as the majority of us and therefore in an irreversible way I think only of it.

That is I think logically and taking into account the accepted truths.

In order that it is correct to use the right hemisphere, first of all it is necessary to accustom to think, being beyond truth and public opinion.

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It showed

It showed His mother two years and six months started training it aged.

It showed it about tasks in day, along with it she wrote it the Japanese alphabet it borrowed from to minutes.

Now he easily put digits, subtraction was the following step.

Comment of mother.

I was surprised, having seen as my child consults about subtraction.

But I noticed when I asked it to tell orally, for example how many there will be so many that plus so much?

He answered incorrectly.

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Aristarkh Apollo Appolinary, Apollony Ancient Greek: belonging to Apollo to god of the Sun.

Ardalion Ardialyon Latin: the fussy person.

Arrest Greek: pleasant, sincere.

Ariane Arias, Arye Hebrew: as lion.

Arias option of Ariane.

Aristarkh Greek: leader of the best.

Aristokly Ancient Greek: great, nice.

Ariston Ancient Greek: award, rank.

Ariel the Hebrew name which arose as mans, began to be used as female subsequently: a lion from God.

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  • Turn on the quiet music.The senior children can allow to put on stereoearphones, be only convinced that wires at them over the head, but not round a neck.Morning exercises without problems Your children will like to do morning exercises if you bring in it a game element.And it is unconditional, will give huge pleasure to them if you do all exercises together with them.It will take from you not much time, and a cheerfulness charge you receive for the whole day.
  • By drawing up exercises with mathematical material and in the subsequent work with children we conformed to several basic rules: to provide to children mathematics not as a ready subject, but as independent activity of the person; not to transfer idea, and repeatedly to open them with the child; the way to knowledge lies through communications, but not through the separate phenomena; understanding, but not skills.In each exercise all these rules become their internal semantic accents, and, watching work of children, it is possible to see really their embodiment in childrens consciousness.
  • For the child exercise gives one more chance for selfdevelopment.Where exercise In childrens groups of the House of Maria Montessori in Russia was applied.Passes an approbation stage.Date SELECTION OF FIGURES Age years The exercise purpose Exercises in distinction of figures.Sorting.Material Two oblong cards on which long pockets, on everyone on five are pasted.A set of figures from to from a cardboard or plastic.Each figure on pieces.
  • If at least one card takes away not an ace, a pack the one who put them.Game consists that the player who does not have aces, I will give or any other declared card, has to pretend that he has it, and to put kakuyunibud the card in hope that to him will believe.Wins the most cunning the one who to the first managed to get rid of all the cards.From the author The organization of effective correctional training is impossible without carrying out careful comprehensive diagnostics, which task to reveal character of pathology, its structure, specific features of manifestation.
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