Olgerd Holes Tajik: granite.

Norman drevnegermansky: the northern person.

Nur Arab: light and one of names of God.

Nouri Arab: light, radiant.

Ovidy Latin: savior.

Octavian Latin: eighth.

Oleg drevneskandinavsky: sacred, sacred.

Russian salad Old French: olive, olive.

Olimpy Ancient Greek: Olympic; came from the name of the sacred mountain of Olympe.

Olgerd German: a noble spear.

Lobster Arab: remembering everything.

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Total relaxation

Total relaxation Read and be ready to discuss good books both a fiction, and bestsellers.

Relax It is difficult to skontsentrirooatsya on new, positive selfassessments if you are confused by tension, fatigue and the thoughts which are unrestrainedly provoking fear.

Total relaxation the key opening possibilities of your own reason.

Relaxation takes away reason from undesirable emotions.

Depart away for minutes.

Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.

Sit down in a convenient chair or lay down on a bed, a couch or on a floor enclose a pillow under the head.

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FAMILY TASK And in kindergarten who reads you books?

After such conversation to children suggest to make the story according to the picture In kindergarten.

FAMILY TASK Equipment: subject picture: in the room the father sits on a sofa and reads the book to the children sitting from both parties about it.

Children look at the father fig.

Occupation course.

To the child suggest to consider the picture and to make the story.

If the child finds it difficult to analyse the maintenance of the situation represented on the picture and to understand sense of a plot, the teacher asks it the questions directed on activization of perception of the picture and speech statements: Where children sit?

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Tokmakova Tokmakova Firtrees on an edge words A fragment of the Russian national fairy tale Wolf and Seven Kids words Ya.

Tayts A cube on a cube words The second K.

Balmont Dewdrop words L.

Tolstoy Ant and pigeon words N.

Sladkoye Why year round words The third G.

Galina in Morning words A.

Gaidar In a winter icy cold words S.

Mikhalkov Obliging words The fourth V.

Rozhdestvensky Birch words V.

Burlak Traces words V.

Oseeva Builder words In the course of inspection were subject to studying a technical aspect speed, a way and correctness of reading quantity and type of technical mistakes and a semantic aspect of reading understanding read.

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Therefore On it filling of the speech card, but not work on inspection comes to an end.

Because the sense of inspection consists not so much in ascertaining of some defect, how many in search of the ways allowing to overcome or compensate this defect.

Therefore we allocated the following stage of inspection the predictive.

erased Predictive stage very important link in system of logopedic inspection as on the basis of the available facts and their judgment the forecast of further development of the child is defined by the expert, the main directions of correctional work with it become clear, the issue of its individual obrazovatelnokorrektsionny route is resolved.

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  • Turn on the quiet music.The senior children can allow to put on stereoearphones, be only convinced that wires at them over the head, but not round a neck.Morning exercises without problems Your children will like to do morning exercises if you bring in it a game element.And it is unconditional, will give huge pleasure to them if you do all exercises together with them.It will take from you not much time, and a cheerfulness charge you receive for the whole day.
  • By drawing up exercises with mathematical material and in the subsequent work with children we conformed to several basic rules: to provide to children mathematics not as a ready subject, but as independent activity of the person; not to transfer idea, and repeatedly to open them with the child; the way to knowledge lies through communications, but not through the separate phenomena; understanding, but not skills.In each exercise all these rules become their internal semantic accents, and, watching work of children, it is possible to see really their embodiment in childrens consciousness.
  • For the child exercise gives one more chance for selfdevelopment.Where exercise In childrens groups of the House of Maria Montessori in Russia was applied.Passes an approbation stage.Date SELECTION OF FIGURES Age years The exercise purpose Exercises in distinction of figures.Sorting.Material Two oblong cards on which long pockets, on everyone on five are pasted.A set of figures from to from a cardboard or plastic.Each figure on pieces.
  • If at least one card takes away not an ace, a pack the one who put them.Game consists that the player who does not have aces, I will give or any other declared card, has to pretend that he has it, and to put kakuyunibud the card in hope that to him will believe.Wins the most cunning the one who to the first managed to get rid of all the cards.From the author The organization of effective correctional training is impossible without carrying out careful comprehensive diagnostics, which task to reveal character of pathology, its structure, specific features of manifestation.
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